donderdag 29 september 2016

Vivera meat replacers: first out of seven reviews

Halleeelujah Vivera! Didn't expect the content of the package you guys send me..
I knew there was a package coming, but I thought with only 1 product.
I contacted them because I couldn't figure out if the (gipsy) schnitzel I bought was already veganized or not.. it was not :( They offered to send me the veganized one. what a service!
So the package arrived and it was quite big for one product..I opened the package and there were seven kinds of 100% plantbased meat replacers!

To thank them I will review each one of them with some pretty pictures and an honest opinion :)

The first one is the Pumpkin sweet potato burger, sounds reaaally good right? So different from all the veganized burgers, chicken pieces, ground beef etc!
Appearance: the burger has a pretty yellowish colour, it looks like it's going to be delicious.
Texture: pretty awesome. Firm, but not too firm. It's like..a hamburger!
Taste: I had to get used to it. Didn't like it straight away, but the second time I ate the burger..I loved the different taste :) it's kinda sweet, but not in a dessert/candy kind of way. All thanks to the sweet potato and pumpkin ofcourse! Oh and you don't need any sauce with it. Just eat it blend, not on a bun or anything! Taste is good as it is ;)
Rating: 3 stars out of 5! It wouldn't be the first thing I would choose in the supermarket(if there were more products), but I definitely wouldn't mind eating it again. 
I heard other people who reaaally loved this burger and want to eat it everyday!
So don't mind me, I just like other things more ;)

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