dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

Random night thoughts: life frightens me

Sometimes when I lay in bed at night and I can't sleep right away, the most random things come to my mind. I bet that's the case with most of us.
Sometimes they're nice thoughts, smart ideas, dreaming about winning the jackpot.. and sometimes they are thoughts that make you freak out a bit. This is one of them..

To tell the truth, life frightens me.
Sometimes it feels like thoughts about the future are able to strangle me just thinking about it.
On one side you have the things you know they're going to happen, but you don't know the exact course it will take. Like going on a trip or an upcoming exam.
On the other side, and this is the biggest part, you really don't know what will come to you in life and what will happen. ''How do I evolve in life? Where will I end up? Will certain people still be in my life a couple of years from now?''
These questions make the choices you have to make in life hard. Even the smallest choices like ''Should I go left or right here?''
It's easy so say 'follow your heart', because other people and even your own mind can trick you into thinking that you want different things. The mind is a powerfull tool and we have to learn to controll it, otherwise it will controll us

Should we fear the unknown or embrace it?
I'll say it like this: I want to embrace it. What would life be if there weren't any surprises? Unexpected 'change of plans'? But I can't embrace it..not just yet.
I fear the unknown.
''Is this the right education for me and will I end up somewhere I'll be happy?''
''Should I save money or spend it and live more? But what if it turns out I badly need it somewhere in the future..''

I'm trying to find peace with it all by finding inner peace with myself.
It's hard finding that peace when you don't feel life is in peace with you, or is trying to.

What's your take on a subject like this?
We can't change anything about the unknowing in life, but we can talk about our thoughts on this subject.

So this was something I wrote a few weeks before launching my blog and I wanted to put it up. In the mean time I grew so much and reading The power of now helped me so much with handling thoughts like this! I know they're still wandering around in my head, but I don't let them come out anymore. Still, it is a subject I want to talk about with others. How you guys handle it or do YOU need tips/help?

''Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have''

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