zondag 9 oktober 2016

Random thoughts: The danger with humans having animals for pets

So this morning I went to the forest with one of our dogs and my camera.
We played around and I took some pictures of her and nature, but also a certain thought came to my mind. I didn't allow myself to go deep into this thought, because I wanted to enjoy the walk and just be in the moment. When I got home I edited the pictures and decided to make a blog post about that thought+the pictures I took ofcourse ;)

''Danger? What danger could there be besides people mistreading their pets?''
I know that this is what you're thinking.

Yes there definitely is danger in having pets, and that is that humans are tend to treat their animals like a fellow human.
And no that's not a good thing.. Animals aren't like humans and need a different approach.
Think about the way people treat eachother.. when someone mistreads you, you want to do it back.
Right? People also do this with animals. They do something wrong and the human wants to punish them. It really doesn't work like that. The animal won't understand why you do that to him and what you're exactly doing to him.. You need to leed an animal, because that is what you are.. you're the leader of your pets. They see you like that, treat you like that and they will take you for example for their actions. Use body language and the sound of your voice. Also trust is really important!
I have a personal example:

After years and years of begging for my own horse I finally had permission to buy one.
I was so excited and I wanted to do everything right away, so that's the first step where I went wrong.
My way of treating horses was: so natural as possible, but little I knew about the behaviour between horses and horses.. My approach to my horse was like I was to a human being. When she did something wrong or didn't do something right away when I wanted her too, I became angry or inpatient. And what do you do when your state of mind is like that?
Yeah you're going to act to those thoughts. I get sad writing this, but that is what I did.. sometimes I hit her, yelled at her and I remember a time when I was so done with her that I kicked her.
When I came to my senses I immediatly would regret it, apoligized, hugged her and gave her treats.

Ofcourse the horse doesn't know what the hell you're doing, it's like that with every animal!
And I'm not only talking about the punishing part, but also how you pet them or reward them.
Even letting a dog lick you when you didn't ask for it is wrong. When you let the dog do this he will see you as his property and becomes dominant of you.

Be a leader for your pets people, treating them like a fellow human being isn't a good thing!
It's not natural for the animal.
What I will always do now before I get a pet is learning as much as I can about their natural behaviour and how they do and learn things.
Watch documentaries or watch the animals how they act in groups of their own kind.

Animals are so wonderfull and amazing so we should treat them like that.
It's really not in their natural behaviour to mistreat us or do things wrong.

I hope this gives some of you fresh new insights about having pets, have a wonderfull day and give your pets some extra love for me! :)

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