dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

Random thoughts: raindrops

(tip: put on 'the rain' from Joe hisaishi on the background)
As I was walking through the rain I thought about how I never mind doing so.
I never despise the rain. I think it's because I know so deeply that it feeds everything we need and love. The soil, trees, plants.. and ofcourse it makes farmers very happy, especially after a dry period.

'I wonder where these drops came from?' was my next thought.
'Did they travel far?'
'Or not?'
Wish I was a raindrop.
Travelling without thought, just being.

When a cloud gets to heavy, it starts raining.
He let will let everything go.
Like some people do, when everything becomes too much.
They let everything go and disappear. Yes their physical body is still here, but not their spiritual body.

They gotta start from the beginning, start collecting raindrops again and forming a cloud.
That's where we have to stop.
Stop collecting emotions and tasks before it's too late, because the mind will take over and awakens your pain body.

When I was a kid I loved running through the rain in my bathing suit.
Wish I could do that again while being fully present. Without any forcing or thoughts.
Just happiness and feeling free..

I'm on a journey to have that feeling back and I'll tell you some things that really help me, maybe they will help you to..
-reflecting on certain thoughts and actions
-only doing what you truly want, not what is expected
-alone time
-not letting the mind wander
-don't force anything
-walking (through the forest, the shore..just a place you feel like)
-picking up lost, but loved hobby's
-do spontaneous and fun things. Keep surprising yourself with your own actions..

Walking through the rain is so refreshing and the smell after a rain shower.. so wonderfull.
It smells like pure nature, don't you think?

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