zondag 16 oktober 2016

Vivera meat replacers: fourth out of seven reviews

THIS BURGER..all day everyday please! Oke personally I wouldn't do that, but it IS that good!
It's the spicy bean burger who upgraded my meal today.
I had it with kind of a local dish(and it was my fave when I was a child!): boiled potatoes and rutabaga cooked in water with sugar and cinnamon>mashed together. Here we call it: knolletjes.
Before I went vegan I also put gravy on there and had a meatball or chicken afterwards.
I can only eat a meal like this when I have something extra, like a meat replacer!

Appearance: it looks crispy and damn tasty..on the inside there's a lot going on. Beans, corn, bell pepper, onion and more! This was my second taste test and in the first one I also saw wheat noodles (the oned used to make bami with)..
Texture: the outside gets quite crispy, but the inside stays soft. It has a nice bite thanks to the whole bean pieces.
Taste: when you're dutch you know what I mean with: bamischijf. Yes it tastes kinda like a bamischijf, but a bit spicy.
Ingredients: there's a lot going on on the ingredient list. It's 40% vegetables, soy protein, wheat flour, yeast, dextrose, salt, lots of herbs, corn starch, added B12 and iron..this is the only downside. Especially the wheat, but I understand why it's necessary.
Rating: Because of the taste I forget all about the ingredient list(and the wheat) so a 6/5!

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