vrijdag 11 november 2016


This word has a different meaning to every human being.
And I mean a bigger meaning then, well.. what the word means ofcourse.

Naked without your earrings
Naked without your long hair
Naked without your friends
Naked without alcohol when going out..

It means that you feel uncomfortable, or mot yourself even, without a certain factor.
Why? Why would we feel that way without it?
Aren't we enough for ourselves as we are?
If we believe we are, others will feel that way too,
And if not.. we attract how we act!
So other, better, people will come in your life who accept everything about you.

I feel most naked when I wipe my eyebrows off..

It sounds weird when I say it like that.
My eyebrows are a big struggle point for me, because I don't have them.
(there is some hair, but you can't see it)
I've even been bullied because of it.
I 'draw' them every morning again and again with powder on my face.
Always afraid they will disappear when it rains, when I go swimming and so on.
When did it start? When did I start feeling naked without my eyebrows?
I was born like that and up until one point I couldn't care less.
Well it started when people noticed it. People noticed it so I noticed it.
It went from only noticing to feeling bad about it, hiding it and eventually learning to draw them.

It's the mind playing tricks. It starts with one thought which you put in your head yourself or it is put there by others. The thought sits there and the mind loves to manipulate it and awaken the, so called, 'pain body' inside of us. We also feel like we are supposed to act to those thoughts.
We are not our minds so why listen to it?

I'm feeling less and less naked lately without drawing them.
The reason why I keep drawing them is because my face speaks more with eyebrows, but I don't depend on them being there anymore!

Be yourself, feel yourself, listen to yourself and not to your mind!

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